Collective candidacies expand representation in, and transform politics

This week, on What’s Happening in Brazil, explore how an innovative way of doing things is expanding the spectrum of political representation and transforming the traditional ways of doing politics in Brazil. See how collective candidacies are expected to make waves in the upcoming municipal elections later in the year. 

In our News Update segment, we bring you a story that should worry all those concerned with the Covid-19 outbreak and the environment. Mining has been declared an essential business activity, and goes on unhindered even in the face of a global pandemic, putting thousands of lives and the environment at risk. 

On this week’s Culture Talk, see how a three person play can be a powerful tool in reconnecting with your ancestry, and deepening bonds with those you love. A father, son and daughter trio puts on a moving spectacle. 

Finally, as is customary, in our Brazilianism segment, hear the sounds and taste the flavors of our diverse nation.

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By Alice Pavanello

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